A Brief History of Slot Machines Plus Some Basics

Slot Machines

To understand what modern online slots are and how it all works, let’s first look back into history… 

How It All Began

The classic old-school ‘one-armed bandits’ are something that is left in the past, really. True, some old slot machines can still be found at some land-based casinos in Las Vegas, but this is more like some sweet memories of the good ol’ times. Nowadays, all slot machines both at land-based casinos, and, of course, at online venues, are not mechanical anymore. They’re all equipped with electronic ‘brains’; moreover, its ‘arm’, if it exists, is just a tribute to the tradition, being a visual imitation of the first slot machines. Contemporary video slots in land-based and online casinos are a visualization of the spinning reels on the monitor.

This is a fully electronic device, since its appearance is not limited by the physical characteristics in determining the number of reels, rows and lines in the future of the game. However, the most popular are five-reel slots with three rows of symbols.

How online slots work

Slot Machines online

Video slots are the most popular type of online casino games. They are created by software developers, or providers. The most famous ones are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Yggdrasil Gaming, and some more. These companies are responsible for developing its software in terms of both math and design. An online casino only provides customers with access to the interface of these slots. A fair, licensed online casino would never interfere into illegal corrections of the slots’ work to decrease gamblers’ chances to win.

Such a scheme has allowed software providers to launch progressive jackpot systems. These are platforms that integrate some of the developers’ machines into a single network. When it comes to progressive jackpot algorithm explanation, a small amount  from each player’s wager is deducted to form a prize pool. This money is then raffled off among the gamblers, depending on their achievements being part of the progressive jackpot gaming conditions. In this case, famous multi-million dollar jackpots are not paid by online casinos, but by software developers.

What is a random number generator?

Slot Machines basic

Winnings on slots are calculated using a random number generator, or RNG. This is a computer program that allows slots to produce mathematically unpredictable outcomes of the visual reels rotations. The random number generator continuously makes calculations, even if no one is playing the machine. As soon as a player presses the Spin button, the RNG gives the outcome, producing some random sequence of characters on the reel. If it is, by the rules, a winning combination, then the player wins. If not, the House wins.

What is RTP?

The abbreviation stands for Return To Player. This feature shows what part of the spent amount returns to the player as a result of a very long session. Formally, if the RTP of the slot is fixed at 95 percent, then having placed bets on $100, the player should win $95. This is a basic feature in the gambling world, and a good assessment of the probability of winnings on a given slot machine.

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