More On Slots Basics

Slots Basics

In this review we will explain some online slot machines very basic things, like the RTP (return to player) and what it means, and a variety of winning combinations and algorithms. 

Understanding the RTP


The RTP stands for Return To Player. This basing gambling feature shows what part of the money spent on playing returns to the gambler as a result of a long session. If, for example, the slot’s RTP is 95 percent, then having made bets on $100, the player should win $95. 

However, the RTP is an indicator that works only on large numbers. A gambler can kick off some slot machine and, theoretically, right after the first spin he or she will win a huge amount. It is more likely thought that there would be a series of losses for some time. However, the higher the RTP, the better it for the player. Some contemporary slots have a return rate up to 99 percent. The number of 97-98 percent is considered pretty high, if it is around 96 percent, then average. Slots with RTP 95 percent or less are considered to have low RTP.

Let’s check out the top list of high RTP slots: 

Slot machineGame developerRTP (%)
Dicey FruitsSynot Games98.13
Blood SuckersNetEnt98
Bikini QueensManna Play97.77
Golden TourPlaytech97.71
Downtown1×2 Gaming97.7

Winning combinations and bonuses

Online Slots

In fact, all slot machines are based on similar principles when it comes to forming their winning combinations. Such a combination is a specified number of identical characters that should line up on the reel in the designated sequence. Basically, there should be three or more identical symbols to form a combo on the reel. Sometimes it is okay that same icons just appear on the adjacent reels or touching each other in any position. The more icons make up a combination, the higher the winnings.

An important characteristic of the slot for the player is the presence of special symbols and prize features. Special characters come in three types. Let’s start from…

Wild symbol

This one works as a complementary sign of standard icons. Sometimes it makes up independent chains with the highest payout ratio or acts as an additional multiplier, which allows players to win large amounts of money.

Scatters, or scatter symbols 

Scatters makes payable combos outside of the stipulated rules sequence. For instance, the winning combo triggers free spoons as a bonus to the player. 

Bonus sign 

It is responsible for the activation of the bonus round, which is different from the standard game and could bring some big winnings. Bonuses make gameplay much more exciting and increase the slot’s RTP. Bonuses may include a large number of features. Their set and characteristics are limited only by the software developer’s creativity.

There are respins, expanding wilds, multipliers and many more; all of them to some degree increase players’ chances of winning.

The Future of Video Slots

Gaming software is ever-changing. To keep online casino customers focused,  game developers come up with new mechanics and design, they also play with math, like changing the number of reels, rows and lines; plus adding special characters or original prize features. As time goes by, more and more features will appear in slots, like 3D or VR technology. This will improve the gameplay dramatically. So enjoy playing slots, but, based on the information released in this review, you should do it responsibly.

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